The Nose The Nose A topo of the route- although the writing is hard to read, it gives you a sense of the major features. 151727135 A building comparison to display how big these walls are! The Painted Wall is the largest wall in Colorado, and El Capitan towers over that even! 151727136 A nice profile shot 151727137 Looking up the route- from roughly pitch 9 151727138 Looking down the route- from roughly pitch 26 151727139 The Great Roof. Climbers visible at the lip of the roof and about halfway down the pitch. Taken by Tom Evans from the valley floor! 151727140 Jes on the Nose- pitch 20 or so 151727143 Sunset picture of El Cap, taken by Quinn on a day Jes was climbing it! October 2010 151741814 Profile shot- El Cap Tower is catching light just below the angle change on the wall 151741815 151741816 Looking down the route 151741818 Climber's topo, lower half 151741925 Climber's topo, upper half 151741926